Automate your off duty management process

Make it simple for your community to get local law enforcement support for events, business security and more. With, you’ll transform your process into a paperless, automated and user-friendly process that’s available 24/7 to the public.

Simplify your off duty management

Save Time

Reduce the amount of time your off duty admin spends on the phone or e-mailing, by moving your process into an online system. 

Completely online

Receiving, reviewing and invoicing off duty details has never been this easy. Your whole process is handled through one easy-to-use platform.

Integrate with your systems

Save even more time by connecting your systems and, creating a seamline interaction.


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Trusted by law enforcement agencies 

“With the new system, because all the information is essentially entered by the customer, our paid duty coordinator is more able to add value throughout the process. The coordinator is now able to review trends, plan for busy months, and find ways to improve our pay duty processes.”

- Greg Kinnear, Finance Manager
Halton Regional Police Service

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